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Friday, October 31, 2014

As a parent, it can be difficult to decide between the age-appropriate learning toys that are available, whether you have a newborn baby or a seven-year-old child. I know that finding the right learning toys for my daughters involved some research before running across some helpful tips about choosing the best learning toys.
Guide The Best Learning Toys  For Toddlers

The first thing is asking whether the toy is going to be fun for the child to play with. A child learns more from toys they enjoy playing with, because they will play with them longer. This might mean you need to balance the complexity of the challenge the toy presents with the fun it provides. Most interactive teaching games use interesting colors, characters or videos, which may be the most suited for your child's attention span.

It helps to match the learning toys with your child's personal interests because they will tend to play with it more. You might remember wanting to be a doctor or nurse when you were younger. On the other hand, you might have wanted to be a policeman or fireman, ballerina or princess. It can be helpful to learn what your child is most fascinated with because they will view the learning toys as a real-life tool to help them in their imaginary occupation, if they are related.

If your child is independent and patient, you can find learning toys that will keep them occupied for hours. Keep in mind that board games aren't that fun with only one player. Some of today's electronic learning games are interactive and might include computer use. On the other hand, young children might love wooden puzzles, building blocks or Legos and even coloring in a coloring book can provide creative ways to keep their mind occupied, without other children or adults around.

You want to help the child develop social skills and there are some types of toys that encourage group play. Many young girls love playing house or school, while young boys might enjoy playing with train sets or army men. While these seem a little sexist, there still seems to be a gender line for many young children. Sometimes, you might consider learning toys that develop motor skills and encourage physical exercise, even if it is a bike, trampoline or other types of physical games. These are just a few of the tips to consider, however.

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Thursday, October 30, 2014

If you are the parent of a two year old, you have probably already encountered some of the problems that parents face with teaching a curious and active child. Since two year old children are already learning their physical skill capabilities, it might be time to find ways to encourage better hand-eye coordination, along with developing their mental skills. Learning toys for toddlers can add a new dimension to their playtime because there are educational toys that are perfectly suited to stimulate their mental creativity.
How Can You Use Learning Toys For 1 Year Old

Simple crafts and artwork are things that two-year olds love to do, but toys like puzzles and building blocks can help them express their creativity and learn at the same time. Finding the perfect learning toys for two year olds might seem difficult at first, but most of the major toy manufacturers have done research on those that are most effective. Through time-proven research, they have developed playthings that provide interactive education, while providing hours of fun for your toddlers.

Activity sets and educational games can be colorful, educational and provide simple fun for two-year old children. Bath toys like fishing games, preschool laptop toys and even beach play sets are learning toys that allow a toddler the opportunity to use a variety of skills in various settings. Ride-on toys, push toys and easy wooden puzzles, wooden maze toys or activity tool sets can help toddlers learn different activities that keep their minds and hands occupied. Having fun with entertaining learning toys can make teaching your child an effortless task, while keeping them from becoming bored.

There are many different learning toys to consider for this age group, but there are some children that might be more advanced physically or mentally, than others. As a parent, you just need to consider some of the age-specific toys for toddlers and you are sure to find the ones your child will enjoy playing with and learning with. The best way for parents to learn about the perfect educational playthings can be from other parents. Two year olds can be challenging, but teaching your child can be simple, when you take advantage of educational toys and games that are specifically designed for them.

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Wednesday, October 29, 2014

It is extremely important to find the perfect early learning toys for your children. Not only will it help with their development but also with how they will relate to their education experience later on in life. It is critical that when it comes to early learning toys that you have a balance. You should have the appropriate books, DVDS, games, puzzles and toys. You should also make sure that you use Mother Nature and her early learning toys. There are plenty of activities that can be educational, fun and done outside.
Perfect early learning toys for your children.

Worm Farms: It is a fantastic idea to create a worm farm with your child. You can teach them all the interesting facts about worms and how they have an integral part of Mother Nature. It's crucial to give your children an understanding of them while they are still young. If children start working with bugs and worms from any early age, it also prevents them from being scared of them when they are older.

Vegetable Garden: Vegetable gardens are a great way for your children to gain another educational experience. You can teach them about the important of vegetables as well as the mechanics of gardening. When you do gardening you should be creative about what exactly you want to teach. Find lessons plans surrounding gardening and how you can make it an educational experience for your child.

Bird-Watching: When you want to start teaching your child about the different types of birds and how they work, you can start doing bird-watching. This is the best way to give your children all of the information that they need. You can do some basic research about the birds in your area so you can answer any questions that your children might have. It might also be helpful to have some pictures and lessons prepared so that they can do them outside, while the images of the birds are still fresh in their memory.

Make sure that you are focusing on giving your child as much information as possible. It is important that it is entertaining. Worm Farms, Vegetable Gardens and Bird-watching are just a few of the early learning toys that Mother Nature provides. You can find hundreds of different activities that you can do outside that will provide your child with an educational experience. Make sure that you are focusing on giving your child as much information as possible. It is important that it is entertaining.

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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Electronic learning toys are first and foremost toys. But they are toys designed with a dual purpose. Firstly to provide your child with lots of fun. Secondly to help your child to learn about the world around them at their own speed and in a friendly environment- their own home.

Help Your Baby to Learn in a Fun and Easy Way

There is a huge variety and range of Electronic Toys on the market today catering for children of all ages- from one month right up to early teens.

There are toys that can play music and make funny sounds especially for babies and tots. There are toys for slightly older children that help them, with the aid of their favorite characters like Sponge Bob Square Pants and Dora the Explorer, to learn the basics of reading writing and math. Then there are interactive toys for older children that can be plugged into your TV set or computer and that can also help you the parent to monitor your child's learning progress. And there are also bilingual learning toys so children can learn these subjects in English and Spanish.

Electric Learning Toy's are designed to be super child friendly. Mostly battery operated, they come with big bright and very colorful display screens and have big fat easy to operate buttons as well as control sticks. The best ones are also made of tough durable plastic with no sharp edges and designed to take all the rough treatment kids can give them.

The makers of these learning toys are very careful to design the toys to suit your child's age and their level of skill, So it is very important that before buying a toy, you read the manufactures recommendation. Otherwise you could end up with a toy that will cause your child to be frustrated (because it's pitched above you child's learning skills)or totally disinterested because it's pitched below). Either ways it will be a total waste of your money because your child will fail to learn anything with the toy.

Also it is important to actually check out a toy before you buy it. For example you don't want to buy a toy for a tiny one that has small pieces that could be swallowed!

And finally as mentioned above most toys are battery operated so make sure you have plenty of spare batteries to prevent tantrums.

With so many Electronic Learning Toy's on the market where do you start looking? Well a good place might be with two of the market leaders in learning toys. These are Leapfrog and Vtech. Both of whom make a large range of quality toys for all ages and skills.

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Monday, October 27, 2014

When choosing learning toys or developmental toys for your child, consider safety and each area of your child's development. Children should have access to a wide variety of toys that offer a wide array of learning experiences. Use these guidelines to choose the best learning toys for your child at their current level of development.
How to Choose Learning Toys For Toddlers

1) Make sure that the toy is age appropriate. Many toys will have a suggested age range on the packaging. Use your best judgment. If your child is seven and the package says for ages 7 to 9, but you think that your child will be frustrated with the complexity of the toy, then choose something that is closer to your child's level. If the package says for ages five and up, but you know that your five year old still puts small parts in their mouths, then don't buy the toy with small parts. Just evaluate why you think they labeled the package for a certain age before you buy. If you're not sure, call the manufacturer and ask.

2) Make sure that the toy is something that will hold the child's interest.
It could be the most educational toy you've ever seen, but if your child is not interested, then it will go to waste. Young toddlers love bright colors, textures, sounds, and patterns. Older children get more interested in small detailed items. If there is a learning cube or something that you think your toddler may not be really interested in but you want them to be, consider letting them put stickers of their favorite character on it. Children will usually like things that they are familiar with or associate with something else that they like. Another tactic is to give it to them right after or during the time that they are playing with what they love so that they associate the two things together.

3) Choose toys that help with an array of developmental areas.
Some toys will help with a few different areas. Make a check-list of developmental goals and make sure that there are toys available to the child that will help with each area. Children should get experience in each area every day to develop properly. Here are the five major areas to concentrate on:

a. Cognitive Development

b. Speech and Language Development

c. Social and Emotional Development

d. Fine Motor Skills

e. Gross Motor Skills

Making sure that you provide toys that concentrate on these five areas will help you to ensure that you are giving your child the tools that they need to succeed. A lot of preschool toys will focus on these developmental areas. You can use toys that hit multiple areas of development as staples in your child's play room or living area. An example of a toy that may help in many areas is an activity table. Keep development in mind when you shop and your child will have many developmental opportunities at hand.

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Sunday, October 26, 2014

The education of a child begins the day they arrive! They come into the world ready and eager to absorb all that surrounds them. The lights, colors, sounds and movements around them are attention-getters that are being registered in their tiny synapses. 
Helping Your Baby Learn the Fun Way With V-Tech Learning Toys

Therefore, it is vitally important to surround them with the learning toys necessary for cognitive development. Age appropriate stimulation has long been a proven method of assisting children with greater intelligence. This will jump-start their growth and development by providing them with the resources for strong "brain muscles."
Learning toys have developed in leaps and bounds the last few decades.

Behind these items are numerous studies demonstrating the importance of stimulating opportunities for a child's intellectual growth. Also gleaned from the studies was the realization that children possess differing learning styles. Some are visual, some auditory and some tactile. The toys and other educational materials that benefit a child the most will be matched to their unique learning style.

Many toys on the market now cater to these differences. Laptops for children are excellent tools for the visual learner. Hands-on interactive toys where the child physically manipulates objects are just the right fit for tactile learners. These also encourage motor skill development while providing physical exercise.

Numerous brands of learning toys have taken all the style components and developed what Vtech terms as "smart play." These toys are electronic-based while providing opportunity for visual, auditory and tactile learners to stretch their minds. These information age toys combine the best of all worlds with age appropriate "games" that not only entertain but also educate. Another benefit of this new generation is the portability. They are great for trips in the car on holiday. Many companies have toys available across many age groups, extending the educational experience from infancy to teens.

Along with this brief overview, remember that all learning toys provide innumerable opportunities for math and language development, spatial relation skills, cooperative teamwork exercises, prioritizing and concept development. With this in mind, utilize as many types of toys as is feasible to encourage a well-rounded development of your child's skill levels. All these components are necessary for success in school and success in life. Make the most of this learning time with the little ones with a representative sampling of developmental toys. You will be giving your child the head start they need to pursue any goals they desire in life!

VTech are the leading brand when it comes to learning toys of any kind, from baby toys to electronic learning laptops.

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Saturday, October 25, 2014

Parents can help their children to develop all the skill needed by discovering their learning sense. Once you have discovered this you will know. What your baby will learn easily and naturally, what they may find challenging and the best way to present them with new learning materials.
Learning Toys For 9 months to 24 months

They say that the best time to start learning when you're a child is at infant stage when the brain is like a sponge absorbing all the new information.

We tend to have one sense from the time we are babies; senses are Sight, Hearing and movement which is dominant?

A baby who is a visual learner tends to point and gesture, loves picture books and often uses their hand to reach for toys. A baby who is a hearing learner tends to babble early, loves music and sounds and noisy toys. A baby who is a kinaesthetic learner will love to move their bodies.

So what the best toy to get for your baby on their first Christmas? Bellow is a few toys that will help your baby with all the vital learning your child needs.

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders soothe and glow Seahorse

This is a wonderful night time friend for your little one. When the seahorse is cuddled, the belly will gently glow. This adorable little toy also plays over 5 minutes of music and ocean sounds that will ensure your little one goes off to sleep peacefully.

This toy comes in Pink and is suitable from birth.

Mamas & Papas: Tweet Chime Toy

This eye catching toy makes a fun chirping sound when it is gentle shaken. It has a handy velour strap making sure it can easy attach to a cot, pram or car seat. This toy encourages the development of sight, touch, sound and gross motor skills. This toy is suitable from birth.

Beanstalk Farm Crawl Ball

This inflatable crawl ball is made from Phthalate free PVC and is 30cm in diameter. This toy will encourage your baby to crawl at an early age. It has a weighted sandbag which provides resistance when the child is pushing the ball along. This can be used in or out doors and is compact and easy to store.

This toy is suitable for babies 6 months and over.

Leapfrog Story Block Book

This first book is interactive and combines block play with animal sounds, music and encourages exploration and discovery. This book has chunky book pages that are perfect for little hands and there is a latch to contain the block when your baby isn't enjoying this toy.

This toy is suitable for children 9 months to 24 months

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